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Laws & Powers in the Metaphysics of Science

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A little about NoMoS

NoMoS aims to break new ground by advancing a novel theoretical model of the status and necessity of the laws of nature. It will attempt a major reconceptualisation and synthesis of some of the most basic concepts within metaphysics of science by overcoming extant conceptions and by bringing the metaphysics of science in better contact with the current scientific image of the world. The core of this new theoretical model will be a unified approach, according to which both laws and causal powers play discrete and indispensable roles in specifying the nomological structure of the world.

Key areas of Research

Dualist model with laws and powers

Wooden Alphabet Letters
French Literature

Conceptual Analysis

Case Studies

Historical Analysis


The project is supported by the Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (H.F.R.I.).



Thanks for your interest in our research.

Dep. of History and Philosophy of Science (I.F.E.)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
University Campus, Ano Ilisia
15771, Athens

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