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Dr. Vassilis Livanios

University of Cyprus

An expert in Metaphysics of Science, he will work on the problems of monistic accounts, the case studies of physics, as well as the proposed dualist model. 

Prof. Carl Hoefer

University of Barcelona 

A leading expert on laws of nature with particular expertise in the philosophy of physics (especially spacetime theories) and the issue of Humean Supervenience. He will be contributing to the parts of the project that have to do with the philosophy of physics.

Prof. Markus Schrenk

University of Düsseldorf

An expert on metaphysics of science, he will be contributing to analysing problems of monistic accounts and spelling out the conceptual structure of the proposed dualist model. 

Prof. Robert DiSalle

Western University, Canada

A leading expert on Newton, he will be contributing to the historical analysis of Leibniz and Newton.

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